The Department of Information Technology at International Burch University is proud to offer a master program that brings students to the forefront of the field. Master program is offered through two study tracks:

  • Data Science
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Both study tracks equip students with relevant knowledge and skills while balancing theoretical foundations with practical experience.

    Considering the growing opportunities in the field of data science and IoT today, these Master programs are designed to give a broad range of professionals the skills and grounding it takes to start or further a career in data science and IoT. It is suitable for learners from a broad range of backgrounds including those from the IT, finance, medicine, tourism, and many more.

    Your path to success starts here!

    • Application

    • English Proficency Test and Interview

    • Enrolment

    • Courses

    • Project (4+1 Program)

    • Thesis (3+2 Program)

    • Graduation

    Meet Our Professors


    Bećir Isaković

    What really makes IT Department at Burch so attractive and different is ability to improve yourself through vast amount of projects and team of experts that helps students to be ready for industry and demanding market.

    Enis Gegić


    Interactive lectures, lot of real-world project, being surrounded by industry-proven experts, is something what you cannot find elsewhere.

    Be recognized in an academic and professional community